Questions & Answers

What is the Nano Clear product?

A cleaning, polishing and disinfectant solution for any jewelry you have at home, be it;

Cold, silver, diamonds, gold-filled, gold plating, gemstones, even something you bought at Top Ten for 10 shekel will become no less than brand-new.

With silver specifically, if you have silver jewelry or silverware at home, our material also prevents blackening and yellowing which occurs after a certain period with silver, and removes fresh blackening up to two months old.

Our flagship product, what sets us apart from other materials in this market, is that our material is absolutely eco-friendly and is made purely from natural ingredients!

There are no chemical substances within that can destroy your jewelry, and as a result there’s no need to be afraid of using it without gloves.

Apply it once a month, very easily and conveniently, and you have aesthetics for every occasion…


How often should the product be used?

We recommend using it once a month.


How long does the shine stay on?

At least a month. Of course it varies from individual to individual, and depends on how well you maintain your jewelry.

We recommend avoiding cooking, cleaning, sports and using hand lotion while wearing your jewelry.


Can the product damage my jewelry?

No. Our solution can’t damage any jewelry because it’s not acid-based.


What does the product’s formula contain?

Natural fatty acids produced from coconut and palm trees, ethanol – a bacterial disinfectant extracted from essence of sugarcane, and natural salts.


What kinds of jewelry is this product best suited to?

All kinds.


Is the product only applicable to jewelry?

No, the product can also be used on silverware.


Why do watches use a different formula?

Wrist watches are eight times more contaminated than public toilets, and are far more contaminated than any other jewelry worn on the hands, therefore our watch formula uses a higher concentration of disinfectants (ethanol) to maintain a proper and healthy level of hygiene.


Can the watch formula be used on jewelry, or vice versa?

We advise not to do so, though this will not cause any kind of damage.


What formula is best for silverware?

The jewelry formula.


How will I know the right way to use the product at home? If I forget.

Never fear! There are clear and detailed instructions on the back of the product.


What surface should I use to clean the jewelry, watch or silverware? If I didn’t buy the kit with the silicone pad.

Marble or glass surfaces are recommended.


How can I tell the difference between the jewelry formula and the watch formula?

There’s an icon and clear writing on the front of the product.


Accessorizing the kit + important terms you should know:

1.     A multi-use silicon pad that is very comfortable and efficient to work with;

a.      The jewelry doesn’t slip as you clean it on the pad.

b.     All the dirt and black particles that fall to the pad while cleaning the jewelry can immediately be washed down the sink, without having to dirty your marble or glass surfaces at home.

2.     A microfiber brush that doesn’t scratch the jewelry and reaches spots it can be difficult to reach with your hands, and places you can’t even visibly see.

3.     Microfiber cloth

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