Service Charter

The site allows customers to purchase products online comfortably, safely and securely.

You can purchase the product on the website at any time while it’s in stock. If the product is not in stock – the product page will make note of this and purchase will not be possible.

Purchase via the website is possible via credit cards/Paypal accounts, and the transaction will be carried out once the credit card company/Paypal provides confirmation.


Cancelling a transaction and returning a product

The transaction can be cancelled by contacting the company’s customer service. The transaction can only be cancelled after receiving an e-mail from the website administrator confirming the request to cancel the transaction, at the discretion of the aforementioned admin. If cancellation is confirmed – the product must be returned to the company with all expenses relating to returning the product to be incurred by the site. The product must be returned in its original packaging with the original invoice, within 21 days of purchase.

In the event of a cancelled transaction, the company will refund the sum the customer paid for the product, minus a cancellation fee of 5% of the overall deal or 100 ILS, whichever is lowest.

If the cancellation of the transaction occurs after the customer has already received the product, the customer must bear the costs of shipping the product back to the company in addition to the cancellation fee.

To ensure the product is not damaged or broken during its shipping back to the company, it must be packed in its original packaging. Additionally, we recommend sending the product via the Israeli Post so that delivery will be covered and liable for any damage to the product during delivery.

The transaction cancellation policy detailed above applies only to products purchased in the virtual store. The company will not handle returns of products purchased via any other sales platform.


Product Supply and Delivery

Website management will arrange delivery of the product to the customer, at the address inputted by the customer during purchase from the virtual store, within the acceptable range of business days (depending on delivery method), also noted on the payment page.

The delivery will arrive at the address specified by the client during purchase; the customer may also pick up the product from the company offices – this must be coordinated only by phone.

Website management will not be responsible for any delay in supply and/or failure to supply caused by an act of God and/or events beyond their control.


Warranty and Service

The product warranty covers substantial defects in the body of the product and/or its use which were caused by the company.

The warranty is only valid for customers holding original proof of purchase, and only if the purchase was made via the virtual store on the website. The company reserves the right to demand proof of the client’s identity as the original purchaser of the product.

The company’s warranty will not apply in cases where the defect in the product was the result of incorrect operation, improper maintenance, addition of parts to the product which were not supplied by the company, loss of parts, accidents, neglect of the product, or in the event of treatment and/or repair of the product by a factor not belonging to or affiliated with the company.

The company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use or incorrect use of the product, including incidental, special, indirect or consequential damage – as the law provides. The customer is liable for all risks and debts due to loss, damage and sabotage of its body and/or property and/or third parties’ property and/or body, resulting from using and/or not using the product, except for instances in which it is determined that the damage was caused due to the sole negligence of the company.


Data Security and Privacy

Website management takes the accepted precautionary measures to ensure data confidentiality as much as possible. In events beyond the company’s control and/or the result of an act of God, the company will not be held liable for damages, direct or indirect, caused to the customer in the event the information is lost and/or used by an unauthorized party.

Website management is obligated not to use the information provided by its clients for reasons other than the purchasing and marketing in the virtual store, in accordance with all relevant laws.


Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights on the website and the virtual store are the sole property of website management.

Copying, replicating, distributing, advertising or using information from the site and/or the virtual store in any other way is strictly prohibited, unless written consent has been granted in advance by the company.
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